Estimated Economic Impact of 2020 AWG Valued at $5.7 million

The 2020 Arctic Winter Games (AWG 2020) were expected to contribute an estimated $5.7 million to the Yukon’s economy, according to a recently completed economic impact assessment.

The AWG 2020 Host Society partnered with the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance (CSTA) and the Yukon Government Department of Economic Development to complete the report, through CSTA’s Steam Pro 2.0 model.

“We felt it was important to measure the projected loss of economic activity, resulting from the last-minute cancellation of the Games,” stated Moira Lassen, General Manager of AWG 2020. “These numbers will be shared with our funding partners, to provide them detailed insight into how the cancellation impacted our community and affected our local businesses financially. They will also be used for reference when bidding on or hosting future sporting events.”

More than $1.4 million of the estimated total was attributed to direct visitor spending. Outside of the nearly 2,000 participants, AWG 2020 was expected to bring approximately 900 additional visitors to the territory, including spectators, media and special guests.

The report also states that with the anticipated expenditures made by the Host Society, AWG 2020 would have supported $9.96 million of overall economic activity in the territory, most of it ($9.19 million) in Whitehorse.

The 2020 Arctic Winter Games would have been held March 15 to 21 in Whitehorse, but were cancelled on March 7 due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus.