Jean Hinchey


Jean Hinchey is a retired nurse. Growing up in a family of hunters, she was taught how to handle guns and was allowed to shoot at targets. When she worked in Frobisher Bay, she had an opportunity to fine-tune her shooting skills at the former United States Army Air Force base.

How long have you been involved with the Arctic Winter Games,  and in what capacity?

In 1974, I went to the Arctic Winter Games in Anchorage. I was on the North West Territories shooting team. We won silver and beat the Yukon team!

In the last AWG in Whitehorse, I volunteered at the medical clinic and in downhill skiing as a gatekeeper.

Tell me about one of your best experiences.

What was amazing was the rifle range in Anchorage. I remember coming from Baffin Island, arriving in Whitehorse to practice in a basement with a couple of shooting lanes. Then, going to Anchorage to practice at a high school that had 10 lanes for shooting….We stayed in barracks, very exciting!

What keeps you involved after so many years, and in what capacity will you volunteer in 2020?

Meeting all the people from across the North, seeing everyone together wearing their uniforms. You get to learn more about the sport you’re involved in. For example, you can watch downhill skiing on TV but by volunteering to be gatekeeper, you learn about that aspect of it.

What words of encouragement do you have for people who might be thinking of volunteering?

Yukoners are very outgoing people–one of the best things about the Yukon. You will be meeting people.

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