Mission, Vision, Values

The Arctic Winter Games are a high profile Circumpolar sport competition for northern and Arctic athletes. Comprised of approximately 2,000 participants, the Games also offer a chance for cultural exchange and social interaction. Cultural programming at the AWG includes participants from all nine contingents who come together to learn from one another and demonstrate their unique artistic talents.

The first Games were held in Yellowknife in 1970, with 500 participants from Yukon, NWT and Alaska. Participants now come from Alaska, Northern Alberta, Yukon, Nunavut, Nunavik, Northwest Territories, Russia, Greenland, Finland & Norway.


The Whitehorse 2020 Arctic Winter Games will offer participants, spectators, sponsors and volunteers alike the opportunity to expand their physical capacity, build meaningful relationships, experience life-changing moments, and highlight the North’s unique qualities.


It’s about more than just sport and competition. It’s about First Nations culture, community inclusion, and the spirit of togetherness. We are investing in our youth, helping them become well-rounded individuals that care for their community and celebrate its many facets.


  • Meaningful Relationships
  • Legacy Building
  • Commitment to First Nations
  • Northern Pride