Figure Skating

Figure Skating


  • Alaska
  • Alberta North
  • Greenland
  • Nanavut
  • Nunavit-Quebec
  • NWT
  • Sapmi
  • Yamal
  • Yukon

Figure Skating depends on the athlete’s ability to coordinate their body’s movements into a graceful display of art and technique. Athletes go for the gold Ulu by performing a combination of spirals, jumps, spins and rotations in the air all the while maintaining balance and control. Athletes involved in figure skating show similar physical and psychological attributes to those in gymnastics.

Competition categories in Figure Skating during the Arctic Winter Games will include: Ladies 1, Ladies 2, Ladies 3 & Ladies 4. A team consists of up to eight athletes and 2 coaches from each participating contingent.

This is going to be amazing event. Be part of it.