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  • Alaska
  • Alberta North
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nunavik-Quebec
  • Yamal
  • Yukon

Snowshoeing has a long storied history as a traditional activity across the circumpolar North and was used for both transportation and recreation. Today hunters and trappers in the South Slave still use snowshoes made of local materials to assist them on the harvest on the trap line. Snowshoe competition at the Arctic Winter Games consists of four events: long distance, short/middle distance, relay and a combined event consisting of three shorter distances on a track.

Snowshoeing has two age categories: Junior (Born 2001 or later) and Juvenile (born 2005 or later) for both male and female competitors. A team consists of up to eight athletes and two coaches. Teams that regularly participate in snowshoeing include Alaska, Yukon, Alberta North, Northwest Territories, Yamal and Nunavik.