Team Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories (NT) was the first team to host the Arctic Winter Games in 1970 in Yellowknife, and was the last team to host the Arctic Winter Games in 2018.

The Northwest Territories is the second largest of the three territories in Canada. The territory extends from the 60th parallel to the North Pole and includes several large islands in the Arctic Ocean. The Yukon Territory is to the west and the Arctic Ocean is north. The Nunavut Territory is east, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan are south.

The first people of the Northwest Territories were the Dene and the Inuit, with communities growing around trading posts. In 1870 the area became Canada’s first territory. In 1999 the former Northwest Territories was divided, creating the new territory of Nunavut.

The NT flag depicts Canada’s North. The blue in the flag represents water while the white symbolizes ice and snow. The shield is in the center of the flag, which became the official flag of NT in 1969. Team colors are navy, sky blue and white.