The International Committee

The focus of the Arctic Winter Games is still the same today as it was in 1970, to involve as many participants as possible either in the Games themselves or in the team selection trials, and to provide a forum of competition for those other than elite athletes with competitive opportunities in the south. The cultural component of the Games adds the unique opportunity for fellowship for the participants and host communities.

As stewards of the Arctic Winter Games the International Committee promotes the values symbolized by the three interlocking rings of the Arctic Winter Games logo:

  • athletic competition
  • cultural exhibition and,
  • social inter-change

The International Committee provides leadership through the development of policy and overseeing the promotion and marketing of the Games. The Arctic Winter Games International Committee assists the jurisdictions to build effective partnerships to address the needs of host communities, participants and Games sponsors.

One of the most important functions of the Arctic Winter Games International Committee is its responsibility for nurturing and protecting the extraordinary impact that the Arctic Winter Games have on the north. The Games achieve these results because they bring together, in one community, a multitude of visiting athletes, coaches, cultural participants, volunteers, media, visitors, officials and community leaders from around the circumpolar and northern world for seven days of athletic competition, cultural exchange and social interaction.

The success of the Games is directly related to a program that combines athletic competition, cultural exchange, and social interaction. The athletic competition features sports that enjoy worldwide popularity alongside exciting northern and traditional Aboriginal events. In combination with the selection trials run by each contingent, the Arctic Winter Games are a significant part of northern sports development.

Cultural programming at the Arctic Winter Games includes participants from all contingents who come together to learn from one another and to celebrate and demonstrate their unique artistic talents. Combined with the important opportunity provided for performing and visual artists from the host region to showcase their talents to the world, the Games are a significant part of northern cultural development.

The Arctic Winter Games promote an atmosphere of social interaction that strengthens cultural awareness and understanding, increases community pride, enhances self-esteem and promotes volunteerism. The Games also help develop stronger economic, political and social ties and provide international exposure to the community in which they are hosted.

More information on the Arctic Winter Games International Committee can be found on the AWGIC website.