Frequently Asked Questions


General Information


How can I get involved as a volunteer?

The online volunteer registration portal is open now. All interested volunteers will be able to apply for Games-time and pre- and post-Games roles through this online portal.

When should I register?

Now! Adults 19 years of age and older who are volunteering during Games time must complete a Police record check screening process, and this process takes some time, so don’t delay, as a delay could influence the kinds of roles you may be offered.

What if I don’t know what my schedule is like for Games time?

We can work with you to find shifts that fit your schedule. Scheduling begins in fall 2019 and you have the opportunity to accept and/or decline shifts based on what you know about your schedule at that point in time. Even if you will not know your schedule until closer to Games time, we encourage you to submit your application early.

I live outside of Whitehorse – can I still get involved?

Absolutely! Anyone in any community in Yukon is welcome to register as a volunteer. All out of town volunteers have to make their own arrangements for travel and accommodation.

What kinds of volunteer roles are there?

From transportation to food services, security to being a mascot, there is a volunteer role for everyone with the 2020 Arctic Winter Games. For further information about the types of roles available see our Volunteer Opportunities page.

Will all Whitehorse venues be accessible by public transit?

Many of the venues are on existing City of Whitehorse transit routes. The City of Whitehorse is sponsoring transit rides for volunteers so with the presentation of your accreditation badge as you enter the bus, the fee will not be charged. Some sites outside the limits of the City will only be accessible with a vehicle.

I have disabilities and have a full-time aid, can I still be involved?

Yes, we encourage anyone with a disability to apply to volunteer with the Games. Once you apply, you will be contacted to ensure we match you with a position that best accommodates your accessibility needs. If you have a full time aid/support worker, they will also need to go through the volunteer registration and screening process and will be identified through a follow up conversation to your application.

I have a service dog, can I bring it along?

Yes, once you apply you will be contacted to ensure we match you with a position that best accommodates your accessibility needs.

Are there any other activities or special events during the Games that I can take my family to?

Yes, on top of the 21 sports, the 2020 Arctic Winter Games will also host a cultural festival. Details about the festival will be announced closer to Games time.

Where is the best place to get information?

The 2020 AWG Games website and social media channels will always have the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on getting involved with the Games. Visit and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Are there any volunteer opportunities before the Games?

Yes, there will be some opportunities available in the planning phase and during the January-March 2020 period. If you are interested, please check the Volunteer Opportunities page and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date.

What is the difference between pre-Games, Games time and post-Games roles?

Pre-Games: You may help us recruit and schedule volunteers, help set up venues, assist with special events and work with a specific Functional Area to get everything ready for Games time.
Games time: You will be scheduled onto shifts in a specific role for your venue and work as part of an overall team of 1,800 volunteers to help us pull off a life-shaping Arctic Winter Games experience for athletes, spectators and guests.
Post-Games: You may help us tear-down venue fit-out, help us coordinate our volunteer recognition program or work on other wrap up projects as they arise.

If I want to talk to someone, where do I go or who do I call?

You can call our Volunteers Division team at 867-393-2020 or email 



Is there a language requirement for volunteers?

Yes, all volunteers must have a working knowledge of English. There will also be a number of roles requiring volunteers to be fluent in both Canadian official languages (French and English).

What is the time commitment to volunteer for the Games?

There is no upper maximum limit on the number of hours you can volunteer during the Games – you are encouraged to volunteer for as many hours as you can fit into your life schedule. In order to receive recognition as a volunteer (uniform, pin and invitation to post-Games Thank You event), all Games time volunteers must commit to being available for a minimum of 12 hours from March 15-21, 2020.

What if I am not able to commit to the minimum number of hours required? 

The minimum hour commitment (12 hours) is spread over 7 days from March 15-21, 2020. Many shifts will be in the evenings and on weekends providing flexibility to fit in your hours. If you cannot commit to the 12 hours at Games time, there are many other ways to volunteer with the Games. We are also looking for pre-Games volunteers to help us prepare for the event from now until March 2020 and will need people to help with the take-down after the Games are done.

Can my kids get involved?

Volunteers must be 13 years of age or older as of January 1, 2020, to be eligible to volunteer with the 2020 Arctic Winter Games. Those between the ages of 13 and 18 years will be required to submit a completed parent/guardian consent form during their registration process.  Visit the REGISTER TO VOLUNTEER tab on the website ( for information and to find the consent form.

Can I bring my children with me for my volunteer shift?

For safety reasons, children are not permitted to join their parents on their shifts.  Please arrange for child minding while you are volunteering.

What is a prolonged period of time for standing?

In the context of a Games environment, a prolonged period of time for standing is five hours without a break. We ask this question as some roles may require an individual to remain stationary in a single spot. All efforts will be made to ensure every volunteer has breaks and rotated through various positions at the venue.


Online Portal:

What information do I need before I apply to be a volunteer?

Before starting your application, please have the following readily available:

  • A valid email address that you monitor often
  • Emergency Contact information

What if I do not have a computer?

Our Volunteer Centre has computers that you can use to apply. The Volunteer Centre is located in NVD Place at 4thAvenue and Ogilvie Street, across from the Qwanlin Mall – in unit #300. Hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8:30-4:30 pm.  The Whitehorse Public Library and libraries in the communities also have computers available for people to use.

I have signed up to volunteer but my contact information has changed, can I update my profile?

Yes, please log into the volunteer portal in order to update your profile settings. Please keep your name, address, email and phone number up-to-date on your profile through the duration of the Games.

I have signed up to be a volunteer; however, I have not received any communications from the Games.

To ensure you are receiving Games communications please check that your email address is complete in your volunteer profile or check your junk mail for any of the following email addresses:


Make sure to move these email addresses to your inbox to receive future notifications. If you are unsure of your status within the volunteer experience, please send our team an email at

What does my status mean on my application?

The status of your application is where you stand in the Volunteer Experience (see “Your Volunteer Experience” page). As you move through your Volunteer Experience, your status on your profile will be updated.


Out of town/overseas volunteers:

I am interested in traveling to Whitehorse for the Games. Do you provide transportation and accommodation?

All out of town volunteers have to make their own arrangements for travel, accommodation and meals. Light snacks will be provided while you are on volunteer duty.

I live overseas and want to travel to Whitehorse to volunteer. Can you help me get my visa? Will you provide for my travel and accommodation?

You will have to make your own arrangements for visa, travel, food and accommodations. Light snacks will be provided while you are on volunteer duty with the Games.

I have registered to volunteer.  I live in Alberta and will be arriving just a couple of days before my shifts begin.  How will I receive my orientation before my first shift?

We’re excited you are coming to join us in Whitehorse!  Before you arrive, please contact us at 867-393-2020 ext #1006 or to schedule your orientation session at the Volunteer Centre. It is located in the Arctic Winter Games headquarter office in Unit 300, NVD Place, 4th Avenue & Ogilvie Street, across from the Qwanlin Mall. At this session, you will receive a general orientation to the Arctic Winter Games and will be able to pick up your volunteer uniform and accreditation. You will need to be in touch with the Division(s) for which you will be volunteering, per your schedule, to arrange role and venue specific training once you arrive.

I need to book accommodation in Whitehorse – where do I find information?

Please look under the Visitors/Accommodations tab on the AWG2020 website for information about available accommodation in Whitehorse. You need to book directly with the service provider.


Your Volunteer Experience:

Am I automatically placed into a volunteer role as soon as I sign up?

The online application form is the first step in beginning your volunteer experience with the 2020 Arctic Winter Games. We have a process to review and screen applications based on skills and interests. The placement of most volunteers into specific roles will begin in the early fall of 2019.

Will I be interviewed for my role?

Once you apply online, you will begin your volunteer experience and will be contacted with instructions on the next steps of your process. Some volunteers may be contacted, in person or online, based on their listed volunteer role interests in order to gather more information about your experience and skill set.

Why do I need to complete a Police Criminal Record Check and who pays for it?

For the safety and security of all athletes and volunteers, we require all Games-time positions to go through enhanced screening. There will be no fee for Yukon volunteers registered with the 2020 Arctic Winter Games.  Visit the REGISTER TO VOLUNTEER tab on the website ( for information on the screening process and to find the required forms or visit us at the Arctic Winter Games office.

I just had a Police criminal record check done for work, can I use that?

Visit the REGISTER TO VOLUNTEER tab on the website ( for information on the screening process and to find out which previous criminal record checks will be accepted for the 2020 Arctic Winter Games.

I’m a Yukon teacher and I submitted an RCMP Vulnerable Sector Check report to the Department of Education for this school year.  Do I have to do the screening again for Arctic Winter Games?

If you have received a Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Check since September 2018, the Department of Education has indicated that the original RCMP report can be requested from them in order to submit to the Arctic Winter Games Host Society as proof of screening. Please contact the Human Resources office at the Department of Education at 1000 Lewes Boulevard in Whitehorse to request pick-up of your original screening results report. A copy of your report will be taken and retained on the Department of Education file.

How will I know if I have been successful in becoming a Games volunteer?

After going through the registration process and subject to a satisfactory police record check screening, you will receive a notification that you are approved as a 2020 Arctic Games volunteer. This will also be reflected in your status within profile. Keep monitoring your inbox for emails from our Volunteers Division team.



Can I request to be scheduled with a friend or family member?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to facilitate requests from volunteers for individuals to be assigned to the same venue, role or shift. All roles will be assigned based on an individual’s skill, experience and location preferences, as well as Games requirements. We have over 1,800 volunteers to schedule and thousands of shifts! The exception to this is persons with disabilities who have a full-time support person.

I am not sure what my availability will be at Games time next March –  how can I reflect this on my application?

Put your availability down to the best of your knowledge and you can always accept more or less shifts as it changes by returning to your profile via the online registration portal via  If you have no idea of availability, leave this section blank for now – you can update your availability as your schedule becomes better known.



What are the perks of volunteering with the 2020 Arctic Winter Games?

There are many perks to playing a key role including making lasting relationships with other volunteers and Host Society staff, receiving a uniform and pin, gaining experience in the event industry, honing your skills and knowledge and representing Yukon on the national stage.

Will I have to pay for my uniform?

All Games time volunteers registered for at least 12 hours of volunteer time receive a uniform at no cost.

Do you provide meals?

No meals are provided, but light snacks will be available in the volunteer lounges at venues.

What recognition will I receive?

The Host Society celebrates all Games time volunteers at a recognition event post-Games.


Orientation & Training:

What kind of training will volunteers be given?

There are three critical pieces of training each volunteer will be required to complete:

  1. General Games orientation
  2. Role-specific training
  3. Venue-specific orientation

When will I receive an invitation to General Games Orientation?

Just prior to the Games (Feb.-Mar. 2020), you will attend a mandatory orientation session. You will be provided with a general games orientation and receive a volunteer uniform and accreditation that will be required in order to enter venues for your shifts.

How will I receive my role-specific training?

Depending on the roles to which you are assigned, your Role-Specific Training may involve multiple components.  This training will be provided by the Division for which you are providing services.